What is the Ideal budget to build an App.

The costs associated with app development concern not only our future clients but also those production studios whose internal business processes are still in their fledgling stages In BITCS we have been building mobile and web apps for 1 year and from the very first project kickoff, we’ve kept track of every

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Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Workers and How to overcome that

If you’re considering hiring remote staff for your business, consider the following pros and cons first. Advantages to Hiring Remote Workers Costs: To be clear, it is possible to hire both domestic and foreign remote workers (and there are certainly pros and cons to each alternative). If you hire remote workers

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How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy with Zero Budget

Startups need to get noticed. In a sea of content, getting ahead of the pack is not only a way to get your voice heard, but it’s also a way of differentiating yourself from the competition. But the cost of content continues to rise, and the sophistication required to execute a

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