Our Offerings

Hire a Remote or Onsite Developer and Program Manager

Unlike others, we offer hiring across multiple domain and technology, both remote and on-site which suits your needs. If you are confused which is good fit for your requirement? You can contact us and we will help you in deciding what would suits you best.

Hire a Remote or Onsite Team of Developers

We offer team hiring as well. You don't have to worry about hiring individual developers , program managers for a team, we got you covered. we pick the best suited candidates for your requirements and get you a team ready for it. We offers fastest team assembling

Hire a Developer to built your MVP

We have experience developers with 10+ yrs of experience in startup industry. so if you have an idea and wanted a prototype, we are the best people you can contact . Our startup-experience developers can help you in deciding design, penning down basic functionality and building prototype.

Our In-House Services

Android Development

Our team of top Android developers with 8+ years of experience in android and expertise with Java, Kotlin, Scala, React-Native can build your Android app from scratch and deploy within shortest span of time.

IOS Apps Development

Our team of top IOS developers with 6+ years of experience in IOS and expertise with Swift, Objective C & React-Native can build your IOS app from scratch and deploy within shortest span of time.

Web Apps Development

Our team of top Web developers with 10+ years of experience in Angular, React, Redux, Vue, Node, Python, HTML, CSS Vue, Ember. We had already hit the shortest time of deployment from scratch

MVPS & Ideas

Our Team can help you to build basic working MVP ( Minimum viable product ) of your Ideas. which can give you a prototype product which can be used to showcase your ideas and raise Angel Fundings.

Bugs Analysing and fixing

Our top developers with expertise in bug identifying and solving, with startups as well as Enterprises have state of art technology and testing frameworks that can find obvious and logical bugs in your projects.

Code Reviews And Analyser

Our Expert Engineering directors and managers can go through your code and quickly give you an analyses on it. which includes reviewing code, providing feedbacks, better approach to solutions.

Custom Libraries and Functionality

Our developers can help you in coding custom libraries from scratch or modify open source libraries as per your needs. it comes handy for startups where you can offload your work easily

UI & UX Designings and Wireframes

Our team of designers and developers can help you to design UI/UX of your app, built wireframes, so that you can have more insights on how your product will look after complete development

Our Developers

The BITCS community includes experts from around the globe with expertise in wide variety of software development languages and technologies.

ADK Developers
AI Engineers
Android Developers
Android SDK Developers
AngularJS Developers
API Developers
ArcGIS Developers
ASP.NET Developers
ASP.NET MVC Developers
Augmented Reality Developers
Aurelia Developers
Authorize.Net Developers
Automation Developers
Azure Developers
Back-End Developers
Big Data Architects
Bitcoin Developers
Bluetooth Developers
BoonEx Developers
CakePHP Developers
C Developers
C++ Developers
Chrome Extension Developers
Cloud Engineers
CodeIgniter Developers
CSS Developers
Data Scientists
Deep Learning Experts
DevExpress Developers
DevOps Engineers
Django Developers
Dojo Developers
Dropbox Developers
Drupal Developers
Eclipse Developers
eCommerce Developers
Ember.js Developers
Erlang Developers
ETL Developers

Expedia Developers
Facebook API Developers
Financial Software Developers
Freelance Developers
Front-End Developers
Full Stack Developers
GitHub Developers
Gmail Developers
Go Engineers
Google API Developers
Google Checkout Developers
Google Drive Developers
Google Glass Developers
Google Latitude Developers
Google Maps Developers
Google Play Developers
Google Software Engineers
Google Storage Developers
Grails Developers
Gulp Experts
Hadoop Developers
HTML5 Developers
Hybrid App Developers
Hybris Developers
iBeacon Developers
Instagram API Developers
Ionic Developers
iOS Developers
iPhone App Development
Freelancer Developers
Java Developers
JavaScript Developers
JIRA Developers
JMS Developers
jQuery Developers
Kohana Developers
Kotlin Developers
Kubernetes Experts
Laravel Developers
Layar Developers

LinkedIn API Developers
LMS Developers
Machine Learning Engineers
Magento Developers
MailChimp Developers
MEAN Stack Developers
Meteor Developers
Microsoft Developers
Mobile App Developers
Mobile Developers
MongoDB Developers
MySQL Developers
.NET Developers
Nexus Developers
Node.js Developers
OCaml Developers
Offshore Developers
OpenCart Developers
OpenStack Developers
osCommerce Developers
Outsourced Developers
PayPal Developers
Perl Developers
Phalcon Developers
Phoenix Developers
phpBB Developers
PHP Developers
PHPfox Developers
Play Developers
PL/SQL Developers
POS Developers
PostgreSQL Developers
Prototype Developers
Python Developers
Qt Developers
Raspberry Pi Developers
R Developers
React.js Developers
React Native Developers

Remote Developers
Robotics Engineers
Ruby Developers
Ruby on Rails Developers
SaaS Developers
Sails.js Developers
Salesforce Developers
Scala Developers
Shopify Developers
Sitecore Developers
Smarty Developers
Socket.IO Developers
Software Developers
Spark Developers
Spotify Developers
Spring Developers
Stripe Developers
Symfony Developers
Technical Writers
Telerik Developers
Titanium Developers
Tumblr Developers
Twilio Developers
Twitter Bootstrap Developers
TYPO3 Developers
Uber Developers
UI Developers
Unity or Unity3D Developers
UX Developers
Vine Developers
web2py Developers
Web Developers
WebKit Developers
WordPress Developers
Xamarin Developers
XML Developers
Yelp API Developers
YouTube API Developers
Zend Developers

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