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Feel like your key to solutions is misplaced? Hello!!! Bitcs, here! Let us know all you question related to the potential or insightful technology and get the all answers of your doubt. We unlock all the locked door for your business.

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The quality-driven mobile application technologies that differentiate us from our competitors

Work with perfection is the aim of Bitcs. The technology we use make us more different from our competitors. And the quality of our technology helps you to find the perfect remote develop on this site. We work closely with our clients to deliver high-grade digital products. To accomplish this, we have created our own magic formula.

Agile methodology

At BITCS, we make use of an unsurpassed mobile development methodology, including Scrum, Lean, and TDD for all our projects. Our seasoned team of qualified developers works in close cooperation with our clients throughout the development process.

Result-driven technologies

100% sure and correct result we provide to your company as well as the technologies we used here are fully protective and secure and also protect the applications and safeguard business and their clientele from the potential jeopardies. So our developers use safe frameworks and libraries.

Highly-Advanced Architectures

We use the advanced technologies like MVP and MVVM architectural configurations which empower us to seamlessly write error-free, sustainable, and testable code.

Customary design doctrines

Yes!! We fulfill all your customs with regards and respect. Bitcs design and frame your needs according to your requirement, when it comes to application development. These doctrines guarantee that your project is steadfast and considerably decrease the expenditure on modifications.

Exhaustive code reviews

Like before it comes to you, we conduct code evaluations as a consistent development run-through to enrich the quality of your app and the expertise of our development squad just to low your workloads and it’s our duty to serve best to our customers.

Repetitive testing

Before the final product we hand over you, we do believe in repetitive testing of the functional software application during the initial development lifecycle to quick fix any bug before delivering the final product and it is our duty to provide best and productive applications.

Uninterrupted integration

An uninterrupted integration process enables us to identify and resolve snags timely and with no trouble. Once the new code has been seamlessly fused into the product, we implement Jenkins and Gitlab CI to inevitably pull together the builds.

Our perfect web and app development services suite

Our app development services span the technology transformation progression from the commencement of the project to going live so that you can deliver value unremittingly and meet your users’ expectations, while mitigating risk, upholding control and still leveraging an agile approach. Our scope of services mainly includes:

Web Application Development

We offer both front-end and back-end web development services to businesses across different industry verticals. Our highly-experienced developers hold years of experience working on AngularJS, React, NodeJs, React Native, and Xamarin, to name a few.

Mobile Application Development

We implement pioneering programming languages, result-driven technologies and methodologies to seamlessly enhance and scale our products. For Android app development, we hold the knack to create apps ranging from smartphones to wearable.

UI/UX Design

We deliver highly-intuitive UI and UX designing, prototyping, and branding solutions for both web and mobile applications. Our approach is quite straightforward- we primarily lay more emphasis on understanding how the targeted audience will respond while using our client’s product.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our quality assurance and testing squad undertake a meticulous approach to corroborate that the built functionality equates your business goals and make sure code is fairly free from any sort of bugs by conducting manual and automated testing.

Project Management

We offer both front-end and back-end web development services to businesses across different industry verticals. Our highly-experienced developers hold years of experience working on AngularJS, React, NodeJs, React Native, and Xamarin, to name a few.

Strategic Consulting

Through our consulting services, we facilitate our clients to reduce upstream delays, decreasing cycle times, radically reducing the time-to-market, maximizing the increase in ROI and assist you to plan to scale up to achieve business goals at right time, increase throughput and reinforce security parameters.


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